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Monday, December 7, 2009

Where's my vitamin C??

Apparently its easier for me to post about historical fictions, books, book reviews, and the like than it is about normal, everyday things. Hehe.

Anyway, Johnny is sick...ear infection AND sinus infection. Logan still is coughing (though its JUST a cold the doc said). I am sure at this rate I'll wake up Christmas morning sick. Must drink lots of vitamin C!!!

We did manage to get MOST of the Christmas lights up outside and the tree inside. Sure does look all purdy-like! Sat down today to figure out who is getting what pictures of Logan for Christmas presents this year and what all I have to bake for presents as well. Yes, Christmas is going to be small and as inexpensive as I can possibly get it this year. Depressing, I know.

I did finally get all the substitute teaching stuff squared away...just waiting for something in the mail I was told. Guess we'll see. The money sure would be nice right now. Still hoping for a trip to England in the spring!!

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  1. Hope all of you are feeling better soon!

    Where do you want to go in England? Back to London?