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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anyone Remember These???

I saw this posted on another blog and wanted to pass it along!

Anyone remember The Babysitters Club series of books??? I LOVED those books when I was younger. I collected them! My two favorites were the one where Stacey and Maryanne baby sit for a family at the beach on vacation and the super special where they were camp counselors. Anyway, an article in the New York Times says they will be making a comeback. The original publisher will be reissuing the first two books (with some slight changes in terminology to keep it up to date, i.e no mention of cassette players, etc.) PLUS a prequel that looks at the four original girls the summer before the school year portrayed in the series.

I might just sneak a peek at that since I loved them so much growing up. I always had one question though...there were over 200 books and they were published over a span of longer than a decade...HOW were those girls STILL in the 7th/8th grade???

Now if they'd just reissue Sweet Valley High....

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  1. I remember the BSC! I think we had alomost 100 of them between Mary and myself by the time we outgrew them. My favorite was always "Mallory and the Mystery Diary" when they thought Stacy's new house was haunted. Let me know how the prequel is if you decide to check it out!

    P.S. I always wondered the same thing about them never getting older and moving on to high school...