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Monday, January 14, 2013

And so it begins...Day 1

Well, after seeing several of my friends start running 5K and 10K races, I've decided that it's finally time to get up off my lazy butt and do something to get back in shape.

I'm not concerned about my weight. The baby weight has come off pretty good and my weight is at an acceptable 126. I just want to get back in shape (and maybe get somethings back in place lol!) so I can do more things with the boys without feeling like I've been hit by a truck (or by 2 children under the age of 6...same thing). I used to go hiking a lot in college and I'd love to start going with the boys but I know I don't have the endurance to do that right now.

So enter the c25k challenge. Its a beginner's training program and I like the way it is set up. You can look them up, they're on the web (who isn't?). I did my first day today which combines jogging and walking for a total time of 20 minutes. The times will increase as I go through the 8 week program.

I know I can do this. I am determined (and if I end up looking better in my clothes then that is just an added bonus!).