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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Dunedain Arrows

Well, sorta. :) 

I got two made today before I felt like stabbing someone. Got 4 more to make and my quiver will look so much better. They're not perfect but they'll do for my Ranger this weekend. :) 

Just a few more days! 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Easy Milk Crate Desk

My oldest is in 3rd grade now and I think he's getting homework for the first time. Not easy to concentrate when your 5 year old little brother keeps pestering you. I've been eating to get him a desk for a while. I didn't want to spend a lot on it (he is only 9 and little boys aren't careful with things!) and I couldn't really find anything I liked. 

So, I went the easy, cheap route. Piece of plywood and 4 milk crates. The wood was already cut at Lowe's ($8) and Walmart had the crates on clearance for $2 a piece. The stool was $12. Stack the crates, put the wood on top. Done. I will be adding something to make sure the pieces don't slide around (bolts or something) but it'll be fine without them as long as he doesn't dance on it. :) 

He's so excited! Let's hope he'll still feel that way when he's working on math. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Belt Pouch Done!

And the last piece for my Ranger costume is done! Got it put together today. It hangs from my belt and is just big enough for my cell phone, glasses, and change purse (and Chapstick...can't leave home without!). 

I can't wait to get some full length pictures to show y'all. I'm so proud of this costume; first thing I've ever made. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DragonCon Bound!

Okay ... not quite yet, but my costume is done! The only thing left is a bag to put my cell, glasses, etc in and I'll be seeing that together next week. But it's DONE! 

We finished the mask today and I tell ya, putting that on changed the whole look of the costume. It finally looked like a Ranger! :) 

Still no great pics but maybe they'll give you an idea of some of it. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Back to School Teacher Survival Baskets

I like to give the boys' teachers a little something at the start of each year. I mean, they're having to put up with my children, right? The least I can do is give them chocolate and Advil. 

This year they got: bag each of peppermints and Hershey's kisses, a mini lint roller, Chapstick, Post-it notes, hand sanitizer, gum, and Advil. One teacher got some Tastefully Simple single serve coffe packets as well...though I feel I should give her wine or rum or something for putting up with my oldest. 

Happy School Year 2016-2017!