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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Tastefully Simple Catalog!!

Tomorrow is September 1!! Wow...how did that get here so fast??

The new Tastefully Simple catalog starts TOMORROW!!! Let me tell y'all...these new fall/winter products are AMAZING!! I tasted some last night....yum. I put down my anchor and stayed near the Chipolte Queso Dip almost all evening (having to fight with two others over the bits left in the crock pot!). Besides that the Scalloped Potatoes made with the new Bountiful Beer Cheese soup and the Mashed Potatoes made with the new Roasted Onion dip were positively delicious!! And the Amazing Amaretto Chocolate Sauce??? Chocolate and Amaretto, need I say more?

These are just a few of the 26 new products in the catalog this season (along with the standard line of course...Bountiful Beer Bread, Absolutely Almond Pound Cake, Spinach and Artichoke Dip...yummmm). If any of these sound tempting to you, you can browse my site here and order! Hope to hear from some of y'all soon! Don's miss out on these awesome products!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Come on September!

What's so great about September you ask?

Several things this year!

My precious first born will be turning 4 mid month and I'm wondering how in the world is he that old already??? Didn't I just bring him home???

The new Tastefully Simple catalog comes out either the 1st or 6th and I am very excited! Can't wait for my customers to see what's in store! Check out my site here.

Cooler temps (hopefully). Need I say more? The man on the radio said the high - the HIGH, not with the humidity - will be 100 on Wednesday; I don't want to think about adding our humidity into that!

Fall festivals!!! I love this time of year!!

Our book club is doing something different this month: instead of meeting at someone's house and bringing food, we're meeting at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant to discuss our read for the month (Memoirs of a Geisha). So excited!

We're hopefully taking said 4 year old to Disney World at the end of the month. We took him when he was two but I know he doesn't remember anything. I think he's going to pee in his pants from excitement when we get there!

I really do love this time of year. So many things to look forward to...its just a fun time all around! Really looking forward to the holidays this year!