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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Latest Venture...

Oh wait...its really my ONLY venture (besides my poor attempt to make primitive crafts).

After thinking about it for a while and discussing it with not only the hubby but several friends and family members, I've decided to try my hand at one of those direct sales businesses - Tastefully Simple.

Why did I choose this particular company? Well, for a few different reasons:

  • I love to cook and this company is a "gourmet" food business.
  • I don't consider myself a great promoter or seller so, for the above reason, I think this company's products will be something I can actually promote.
  • I felt food would sell better than kitchen gadgets and had more of a chance of reorders. Besides, everyone likes great food!
  • The food is really tasty! Really!
  • The cost was something I thought I could handle to start and I liked their policies.
  • All the other well known direct sales businesses are already being sold around me by various family members or friends (but I can't see myself trying to sell make up since I don't wear it much!).
So for those reasons (and the fact that I really wanted to find something where I could work from home, set my own hours, make a little money and not fork it back out for day care!) I've submitted my consultant agreement, paid my fee, and now I'm just waiting to hear back from them. I am actually really excited about this and have my fingers crossed that I can be successful.

Let me know if you're interested in purchasing anything! Wink, wink!


  1. I may be interested in hosting a party once you're all set up and ready to start promoting!