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Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Randomness...

1. It seems like I've spent this entire pregnancy either sick or tending to a sick 3 year old. This is by far the sickest I've been during the time span...I feel like I'm trying to cough up a lung or something.

2. Has it really been 10 years since Dale Earnhardt died in the Daytona 500? It really doesn't seem that long. I remember pulling into my parking space at college, listening to folks call in to the local country radio station (I really do miss 106.7) and talking about Dale and I could tell something was wrong. It wasn't until I was in my dorm and had the TV on that I realized what had happened. My first thought (after wow) was "I feel really sorry for his son since everyone is going to expect him to become his dad instantly."

3. I made some delicious pineapple cupcakes with coconut frosting a week and a half ago. They were so yummy. It was my first attempt at from scratch cupcakes. I'm really hoping I can get some interest...I'd love to have a little cupcake business. Wish I'd thought to take a picture of them...they were so pretty. That coconut buttercream was the best frosting I've ever made!!

4. We still haven't picked a name for the baby. Guess we'd better get going on that! At least we have first names narrowed down to 3: Luke, Colt, and Evan. We're having a harder time agreeing on one this time around for some reason.

5. I'm tired of snow and cold. Never thought I'd say it but I don't want to see another flake of snow for quite a while. We've had more snow this year (and we're only two months in!) than I think we've ever had...and let's not talk about how I was stuck in the house for 4 days with my 3 year old son in January because of the snow and ice. Ugh.

6. Warmer weather will also make getting dressed easier! It is extremely hard to get my shoes on and putting on flip flops will make life so much better! :)

7. That master's degree will have to be put off for a few more years. I had thought once my son started school I could look into it but with a second on the way it will push that timeline even further back. Think I've figured out I'll go to Georgia College and State U in Millegeville when I'm finally ready; they have thesis and non-thesis options in the program I'd go into.

8. My England trip is something else that's going to be pushed back. No way was I going to travel overseas while pregnant! At least this gives me more time to save up!

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