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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Didn't want to make myself ill...

...so I didn't watch Presbo's State of the Union speech.

I know what the "state of the union" is. I don't need that ass telling me. Its BAD!! VERY, VERY BAD!!!

I have no desire (or stomach that can handle) to hear that pompass, arrogant ass spew more lies and spin from him mouth while his nose is so far up in the air that he'd drown if it rained. It doesn't matter what he says anyway; he and the people in control in DC don't give a damn about what the American people want or what is good for America. Hell, I don't even think the man even LIKES America. He just wants to ruin the country and he's doing a good job at it (only thing he's doing good at, besides making the USA a laughing stock).

I just wish people in this country would WAKE UP and see that he DOES not want to help you, he wants to control you. If he can weaken the country enough and ruin things enough, he feels certain that we, the American people, will come to depend on him, the government, for everything. HELLO???!!! Is this ringing any bells out there, America??? Socialism?? Marxism?? Communism??? Having the government controlling every aspect of your life????

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