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Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 days to go!!

So the Richmond trip was nice. Johnny and I flew into Regan International in DC (where it did take a ridiculous amount of time to get our rental from Budget...horrible customer service) and then drove down to Richmond. I did see the Washington Monument and the Pentagon as we drove by!

Our hotel was nice and we had fun playing with the GPS system we rented with the car. It helped us find something interesting to do Saturday before the race - we went to the Museum of the Confederacy and took a tour of the White House of the Confederacy. Pretty interesting.

Then...it rained. Luckily not enough to cancel the race but it delayed the start. Our seats were good (right at the exit from the pits) and we weren't completely surrounded by smokers (there were only a couple in the vicinity so the smoke didn't make me sick). Then the race....this is usually a very exciting race. Not the case Saturday night. What a disappointment. I really am hating the new cars...they've taken the fun and excitement out of all the races.

Anyway, now that we're home we have Logan's 2nd birthday party this Saturday. Yay! We're doing a Sesame Street party this year since he's fallen in love with Elmo. Its so cute.


We leave on the 27th for Disney! I am so excited!! I can not wait to see Logan's reaction to the Park. We're also going to Sea World and I think Johnny is more excited about that (or maybe its the bass fishing trip he's going to take one day?). I am absolutely bouncing off the walls in excitement!!

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