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Saturday, June 11, 2016

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

My last year as being a room mom has ended. I loved every minute of it. My youngest had two amazing pre-k teachers at our church preschool. Couldn't have asked for better. 

For one of their end of the year gifts I put together a gift card bucket. I had the parents send in gift cards, I got pictures of the kids, I stuck them all on sticks, and arranged them in a bucket. Pretty easy ... except I got balsa wood so I could break the sticks easily. Yeah ... balsa wood breaks wayyyyy too easily. There were some moments of frustration but I got it done. 

For their second gift I had each child fill out a questionnaire for each teacher (things like what do you like most about Ms. K? What was the funniest thing you did in preschool? What will you miss about Ms. K? Etc). Then I but them all together with the kids' pictures on each page and had them bound at Office Max. 

We also got the kids together, had them position their hands in the shape of a big heart, took a picture, had them each sign the mat, and framed it (big, like 16x10 or whatever that size is) as a memory of their first pre-k class. Somehow I forgot to get a picture of that. Sorry. It was super cute though! 

I also got them each monogrammed hats and a lot of chocolate! :)

Now for a relaxing summer before we start kindergarten and third grade. And no room mom duties again. :)

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