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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

We had a western theme this year and I was asked to come up with the awards for the Hobby Horse Contest (best looking), the winners of the barrel race, and the winners of the dessert contest. 

I was pretty pleased with the way they turned out...though the woodburning tool was a tad difficult to manage when I wanted long lines. 

I used a cowbell I found in the party decor section of Hobby Lobby and letter stickers. Then I brushed Mod Pidge over it to keep the letters from coming off. 

The dessert trophies are little wooden roing pens I found in the wood craft department of Hobby Lobby. I just freehanded the lettering with the woodburning tool. The barrel race trophies are wood "plaques" were found in the wood craft department as well. I traced the horseshoe pattern on and then used the woodburning tool again. 

Have fun, y'all! 

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