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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Pre-Schooler's Grocery List

My 4 year old likes to go grocery shopping with me, which is cool.

My 4 year old likes to touch everything in the store and can't be still or listen while in the store, which isn't cool.

I needed something to keep him occupied so I don't have to call a Wal-Mart employee (again) to clean up jars of busted baby food.

Thank you Publix Pre-School Pals! When I glanced through this quarter's flier, they had some ideas for getting your kids involved in the kitchen and cooking. One of their ideas was to give your child a grocery list at the store that they can check off when items go in the buggy. What a brilliant idea! Why hadn't I thought of something like this sooner?!

I easily created the following grocery list in about 20 minutes in Microsoft Word. I then slipped the sheet into a clear sheet protector (thanks to a good friend for the gift!) that he can color on with a dry erase crayon.


He is already excited about going to the grocery store...now I just have to remember to grab some dry erase crayons and the new grocery list the next time we head out.

By the way, I did try to put the grocery list up here to share so anyone could download it and use it but I couldn't figure out how to upload it. It is a PDF file from Adobe. If you can help me with this please leave me a message or email me!

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