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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cousins Rock!

That's what my son and my cousin's daughter apparently thought this evening!

We drove up from our hotel in LaGrange to Carrollton to meet my cousin Joyce and her daughter Madison for dinner at Applebees and then spend some time at their home. It was so great to see Joyce again; I don't think we've seen each other in almost six years (since my wedding). We were close friends growing up, sending letters back and forth all the time (yes...LETTERS...this was before email and a disappearing art I believe). Our children hit it off with no problem and kept us laughing the entire time!

Some classic lines this evening:

Madison: Does he eat people food??

Madison: Hey! Listen to this!!

Logan also decided that it was more fun to lay in the crayons and wiggle in them than to color with them. Well, to each his own I suppose. As soon as I'm home I'll try to upload some pictures; got some cute ones.

I am just so happy to finally get the chance to see my cousin again and I am determined that it will NOT be another 5 years!! I really want our kids to be as good friends as we were growing up.

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