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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow part deux!

Yup...we are getting some snow here in the Atlanta area again this year. Thankfully it is not so bone chillingly cold like it was with the snow last month..don't think I have to worry about my pipes this time around. However, we are getting a lot more snow with this system and surprisingly, we'll be getting more snow south of the city (hey...guess the mountains can't get everything!). Its been coming down about 2 hours now here and I'm guessing we have about an inch or so on the ground now. I am a bit anal about my snow though...I don't want people walking around in it because it messes up the beauty of it (and makes it melt faster). Yes, I'm odd...I know it. But when you live in an area that rarely seeing enough snow to actually turn the ground white you can become a bit possessive of the snow you do get! Hahaha!

It is really, really pretty...and so peaceful to watch. I am planning on starting a fire closer to when Johnny will be getting home, having some yummy homemade sweet and sour chicken for dinner, then curling up on the couch to watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight. What could be better than watching the Winter Olympics, a cozy fire, and snow outside??!!

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